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Mirjana Radovic Markovic, editor and author of the book publisher IAP, Charlotte, USA ,September, 2007.
* Corresponding author:

This book, "The perspective of women's entrepreneurship in the Age of Globalization" addresses the issue of female entrepreneurship development in the context of globalization. The authors take the position that entrepreneurship serves as a catalyst of economic development and globalization process has progressively reduced barriers to entrepreneurship and increased competition in the global market.
Namely, important settings of inter-country cooperation in our times are the emergence of the phenomenon of globalization. Like an on-coming vehicle globalization cannot be stopped. However, we can influence its direction and we can prepare to use it as an instrument for improving the conditions of the greater majority of people all over the world. The recognition of the capacity of women entrepreneurs in our global community is no longer a matter for debate.
It is our reality that Female Entrepreneurship has been the major factor contributing to the development of many countries.

Mirjana Radovic Markovic, editor and author of the book publisher IAP, Charlotte, USA ,September, 2007.
* Corresponding author:

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This book contains four parts that are made up of 18 chapters.

The first part of the book is titled, "Small Businesses as an Opportunity for Women to Add a New Professional Dimension to the Traditional Role in Family and Society."
In Chapters 1-3, the authors focus on women in the context of history. They explain how the role of women has changed throughout the ages, with emphasis on the erspective of women's entrepreneurship in the Age of Globalization.

The second part of the book, "Women Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Leaders:Challenges and Opportunities in Developed,Developing, and Transitional Economies in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America."
The authors in this section examine the nature and extent of female entrepreneurship in relation to the role of women in the aforementioned regions. This includes Chapters 4-10, which provide new insights into the involvement of women entrepreneurs and their contribution to economic and social development in these economies.The section allows for comparisons and conclusions with respect to female entrepreneurship in countries with differing political, religious, economic environments and cultural backgrounds. All the country chapters are empirically grounded using original research.

The third part of the book is titled "Suitable Financial Arrangements that Support Female Entrepreneurship." The first author in this section considers the role of microfinance in empowering female entrepreneurship and reducing poverty in chapter twelve. Additionally, the second article, chapter thirteen, is devoted to diversity in the workforce and its financial impact on firms. The both papers have critical approaches to the topic.

The fourth part of the book,"Empowering Women through Education," Chapters 14-18, examines new educational opportunities for women in the era of new technology and globalization. The chapter authors focus their research on education, due to the increasingly important role of knowledge and education in the last decade.

This book brings together a large amount of information on various women entrepreneurship opportunities from different points of view and from different countries and regions. The special value of this volume is the networking of scientists and other professionals and experts all over the world and their participation with the articles based on research undertaken specifically for the book who were led by Prof.Dr.Mirjana Radovic Markovic and followed her instructions and the framework of the book.

This book preview could be concluded with the words of Prof.Dr. Mirjana Radovic Markovic that 'The Perspective of Women's Entrepreneurship in the Age of Globalization provides a foundation for further study of men entrepreneurship and globalization.It appeals to scholars and students in development studies, women's studies,international business and economics. This collection of insightful articles ties together the streams of thought on women entrepreneurship worldwide.'

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